Explore the haunting beauty of three natural limestone caverns connected by man-made tunnels. This National Monument is located on the Alpine Scenic Loop in American Fork Canyon. The cave system is well known for its colorful formations, unique helictites, fault-controlled passages, alpine surroundings, and rich history.
Bridal Veil Falls is a double cataract waterfall which drops 607 feet to the Provo River. The falls can be seen from the scenic HWY 189 pullout or by taking the exit to the base of the falls. From the parking area, follow the paved path to get a closer view of the falls. Feel free to dip your feet in and get wet, ’cause the base of Bridal Veil Falls has a nice shallow pool which little kids love to splash around in. The surrounding trails are great for spring, summer, or fall hiking and biking, and the views can be absolutely breathtaking.